Call For Papers

What do past speakers have to say?

Doug Wait

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak at 360iDev|min. My favorite thing about it was being given the opportunity to share with the fantastic attendees! An engaged audience is the best thing a speaker can hope for. Presenting was a lot of fun at your conference.”

Joe Cieplinski

“My favorite thing about being a speaker at 360iDev is that you really feel like a part of the team. All the other speakers and staff really suport each other, and every year there is a great mix of familiar and new faces. You attend each other's talks and cheer each other on.”

Ben DiFrancesco

“The best part of speaking was hearing from another attendee that the talk made their conference! Even if no one else in the room got anything out of it, hearing that made all the hours of preparation worth it!”

Aurelius Prochazka

“The only thing that about being a speaker at 360iDev is that you have to miss someone else's talk while you're presenting yours!"

Ben Lachman

“360|iDev has been super supportive to me as a speaker. From encouraging me to try new ideas for sessions, to holiday cards and speaker dinners, it’s always been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Michael Schneider

“My favorite thing about speaking at 360|iDev is interacting with the other attendees and speakers. Everyone you meet has a great story to share.”

Adam Eberbach

“The thing I remember most was the warm welcome for a new speaker and the receptive audience. It was the first time I had done it and didn't know what to expect but it was really not so bad!”

Andria Jensen

"The organizers (and all the awesome volunteers) support the speakers extremely well. It almost feels like the speakers are a little family, and John and Nicole are our parents for the week."

Daniel Pfeiffer

"360|iDev has given me an outlet to contribute back to the iOS developer community. I don’t have many opportunities to open source my work or blog about it, but I still desire to contribute since I recognize I have benefited greatly from the work of others."

Robi Ganguly

“The 360|iDev community is wonderfully supportive, interested and diverse. You always learn more from the audience and the conversations after your talk than you knew before and you often end up with new friends and professional connections.”

Benjamin Encz

“I love the diversity of the peer group of speakers at 360iDev. Since everyone goes through the CFP process, this conference features speakers that you wouldn't see at a lot of other iOS focused conferences where the majority of speakers are invited.”

Dalmo Cirne

“Speaking at 360|iDev feels like a quest in search for the truth. Once an idea or concept is presented to some of the best engineering minds of our times, gets scrutinized, challenged, interrogated, dissected, and comes out at the end of the roasting still alive, it means you are doing something right. You may even pick a suggestion or two along the journey to improve upon what you have.”


Thanks for submitting a talk for 360|iDev 2017! We’re super excited to see what the schedule looks like this year!

This year we’re trying something new. Something we hope will make the entire process, not just for us, but for those who submit, easier.

We’re using which houses a lot of CFPs. Once you sign up, you’ll be set up to submit talks to any event that uses them, which is kinda cool, and time saving. You can even store your submissions, and use more than once (remember we like new talks though) will also make the selection process easier for us and our community panel. If you saw what we used to use… well this is probably better 🙂

We hope you’ll submit a talk for 2018! In the meantime we put together a pretty awesome group for 2017, check it out.



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