360|iDev 2016 Recap

360|iDev 2016, was awesome! New venue, new and old faces. So much fun! Can’t wait for next year! Nicole and I left the Grand Hyatt on Wednesday so jazzed. I love seeing everyone, I love having a chance to meet new members of the community, and give something very special back to the iOS/Mac Developer […]

Session Recording, an Evolution

Recording conference sessions is one of those things that everyone seems to have their own way of doing it. When we started, we had Flipcams on tripods in the middle of the room. Better than nothing, but only just. Under the best circumstances they captured grainy video and average audio. Under the worst they captured […]

Why Eat indoors?

Two years ago we started something new. We cancelled lunch talks, we gave attendees vouchers for local (locally owned when possible) restaurants. We sent attendees out into Downtown Denver to enjoy a tiny sliver of what Denver has to offer. It’s now tradition. This year, Civic Center Eats has expanded it’s hours, which means, we […]

Diversity Scholarship Program

Over the years we’ve been trying to increase the diversity and inclusivity of 360|iDev. It’s not an easy thing, but it’s so, so worth it. Each year we make tweaks to the conference itself, or how we do things in the back end, etc. Each year (I hope) we get a little better. While I’d love […]

WWDC Dates announced!

Well, it’s that time! Apple has announced the dates and info for WWDC 2016. If you’re applying for the ticket lottery, may the odds be forever in your favor, but just know you’ve got options. Lots of really awesome options. We’ve joined with some awesome indie events to offer a 10% discount, good for the next […]

Help Close Caption/Subtitle 360|iDev session recordings

So I was talking to Mike Lee about his recording (which we hope to release soon), and he suggested adding closed caption/subtitles to the recordings. Honestly it wasn’t something I had really thought about, but love the idea of. I knew Youtube had some type of automatic thing, but wasn’t sure if Vimeo did. So […]

360|iDev 2015, What a rush

Another year, another amazing 360|iDev. I’ve spent the last few days digesting everything that happened. It was amazing (I know, I already used that word), we all came together, 400 of us from all around the world, and spent four days sharing, learning, laughing. It was humbling to be surrounded by so many smart, cool, […]

Scholarship passes available

We’ve got 2 passes, gifted by a speaker, and a sponsor that we’d like to give to someone who needs a little help. The hardest part of being 2 people running this, some stuff falls off the radar, awarding these passes is one of those things.   That said, with the time we have left […]

Volunteering feels good!

Volunteering is also a great way to get a free pass to 360|iDev. Why do we want volunteers? There’s a lot of reasons people can’t afford to come to 360|iDev, and if not having to pay for a conference ticket reduces a barrier, then everyone wins. We could hire temps, or have “staff” but that’s […]

Lunch, Lunch, Lunch

Hard Rock!!! Kidding, they kind of blew it last year! We’re working on something I think everyone will enjoy. First of all Tuesday. Tuesday and Thursday during summer Denver has something called Civic center eats. It’s a massive and rotating collection of some of the best food trucks in Denver, that’s on the menu for […]