360iDev 2011 – Cocoaheads get free passes

Do you go to a local cocoaheads meetup? If not you should, they’re a great way to meet up with other developers. Maybe in your neck of the woods it’s NSCoderNight, or come other variation, but if you’re not meeting up with and sharing a drink (beer, soda, even water if that’s your thing) and talking about code, you should be.

As if hanging out with other devs wasn’t enough, you also have a chance at winning a free pass to 360|iDev 2011. We’re more than happy to offer all cocoaheads and other user group type meetups two passes to 360|iDev 2011. All we need is an email from the organizer with what city the group is in.

If your group hasn’t done this, email us and we’ll get you set up. All we ask in turn is help spread the word about how awesome 360|iDev is. There’s always a catch, and as far as catches go, that’s not too bad, right?


Don’t miss out, get your cocoaheads meeting hooked up with 2 passes to give away, raffle, sell at auction, whatever. Of course we also have a 15% discount for all other members to use if they want.


We’ll see you in September!