360iDev 2012 – Great things come of the Game Jam

For amy this won’t be news at all.

Unicorn Rush was born in 2010 in San Jose, at 360|iDev. It was a Game Jam game, prototyped and built (mostly) in the course of one caffeine and sugar fueled night.

Stuff like this is why we support and love having the game jam at 360|iDev. Seeing folks build something new, completely from scratch in just a few hours, and then actually taking it live to the App store later, is so much win.

Keith and Natalia did it during the Denver 2009 360|iDev (IIRC) with Hippo High Dive as well. There’s more, many more, but you get the point. Whether you’ve got 10 or 0 apps in the App Store when you arrive at 360|iDev on Sunday, there’s a very good chance you can leave with one nearly ready to submit if you want.

so if the Game Jam wasn’t something you were thinking about doing, maybe you should re-think that 🙂

The Game Jam is also independently run from the conference, we believe it’s better to let the community run the Jam. So check out their page, and by the way they still need some sponsors to cover food, snacks, etc. It’s a great and inexpensive way to support the community.


See you in September! Register now before it’s too late!