360|iDev 2014 (and 2015) – Downtown Denver. August.

I was all set to write a post about how hard finding a venue is, etc. but really what’s important is this.

360|iDev 2014. August 24-27. Downtown Denver, at the Sheraton.

360|iDev 2015. August 23-26. Downtown Denver, at the Sheraton.

This years’ Call For Papers is open. It’s not gonna be open as long as usual, don’t delay. We’ll be closing it and making speaker selections by the end of May.

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? We’re already 1/3 sold, now that we have a date and a place we expect to sell out in record time. Don’t miss out.

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  1. “We’ll be closing it and making speaker selections by the end of May.”

    Um… when will the speakers be listed on the site? And the schedule?

    1. hhmm yeah we got behind 🙁 I actually had hoped to announce today, but with all the changes from WWDC, I’m letting submitters update their submissions. Once that’s done the review panel will re-look at the changed submissions, and I’ll finalize it all. My goal is to have the emails sent (whether in or out) and schedule published by this coming Monday.

      I had really hoped to do it before WWDC, but that deadline slipped, and honestly now I’m glad since we can talk about iOS 8 and Swift and such, making the content at 360|iDev SO MUCH more valuable now.

      So yeah, i suck, but I hope the wait will be worth it.

      1. Bizarre. The speaker list and schedule are delayed, and yet the conference dates have been moved up three weeks, effectively minimizing the time needed to decide on attending or not. The early bird rate is long-gone, and there is no information to decide whether attendance is worth double the price of just 3 years ago. This makes no sense.

        1. It’s definitely not ideal. Our intent was have schedule and speakers locked in long before even May, but we made the decision the change venues from South of Denver to Downtown. In making that change we also decided to see if August worked better, since so many have trouble with kids’ school has started, etc.

          However moving downtown was easier said than done, it took about 4 months longer than planned to find a venue (normally we announce dates and venue, much earlier in the year.

          We actually held off opening the CFP until we had a signed contract, because we didnt want people to submit talks with “if the dates work out for my schedule”

          Could we have opened the CFP and select the speakers earlier? Yes, but then we’d have to make changes to handle people who ended up having vacations and other things, etc.

          Could we have kept it in September? Yes, but August has less risky weather. Last year the conference ended the day a massive rain storm destroyed a town outside Boulder, and did a number on Boulder. Denver fared a bit better. Also downtown Denver hosts a lot of events, i mean A LOT. Finding weeks that worked and didn’t collide with other things was hard.

          The upsides of moving to Downtown were worth it. Shorter trip from/to the airport, more outside conference options for food, more party venues for us, and more.

          Could we have kept our original schedule and announced speakers the end of May? Probably, it would have been tough, but probably. Of course then I’d spend this week updating the sessions anyways and completely changing the schedule around based on people updating their talks. That was a value call on my end, as much as I want to get the schedule and list of speakers out in to the wild, I also want to do it right and make it as not confusing as possible, and I think publishing a schedule, then having to change the names and details of sessions, wouldn’t be the right approach.

          I’m sorry this year hasn’t been as fluid or smooth as years past, and promise it won’t be like this next year, because our venue is already booked, as are the dates, but this year, more people had to make the decision to wait and see the schedule (Which has never disappointed) and buy their ticket, or buy the early and faithful tickets and should the schedule not be to their liking get a full refund.

          We try to make these hiccups as easy to weather as possible, and one such way is offering a full no questions asked refund up until 3 weeks before the conference. I know that’s not a 100% fool proof solution, but it helps I’m told.

          I wish I had a better answer 🙁

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