A Word on Dates

We’ve got some cool stuff in the works for 360|iDev 2014

Nothing is locked in yet, unfortunately. but first bit of news is we’re looking at a hotel Downtown Denver. That’s big for us, we’ve been down south at the Marriott for a few years, and while we love it, we’d love to be downtown again.

Change is hard and often scary. We’ve been the same week and location for 3 years now, and it’s causing not small amount of nail biting on trying to pick a date.

The second change is the dates, right now they’re not locked in, but should be soon. We have two potential dates we’re looking at. As you know we believe in transparency, so we’re sharing this all now so there’s (hopefully) less confusion 🙂

Dates we’re looking at:

Week of August 17th

Week of Oct 5th.


We’re leaning towards the August dates. Here’s why. September puts us right in Apple announcement time, fun but disruptive to the schedule for sure. We’re also in a weird spot of “will the NDA drop or will it stay in effect?” It almost never lifts during 360|iDev though. August removes that problem because the NDA is unlikely to ever end in August 🙂

Also September is right at the beginning of the school year, so it puts strain on some folks who’ve got kids. August eliminates that too, but does possibly intersect those last minute summer vacations. That said, Denver is awesome for a summer vacation 🙂 Our hope too is that in announcing as early as we can, summer plans can be made with us in mind 🙂

October does solve many of the same issues for us, but puts us in contention with other events that we’d rather not be in contention with if we can avoid it, also October is definitely a colder month, September is always iffy, October there’s no ‘if’. It’ll be cold, windy, possibly snowy.

August, in Downtown Denver is amazing.

So that’s where we are, we should hopefully have the concrete date and location locked in soon. Of course if our choice doesn’t work and you bought a ticket, you can get a full refund.

We wanted to share this because we know you’re wondering, and we’re working as fast as we can to lock in these details.