Last Update: 2/16/21

As we roll into 2021 and the future is still anything but certain, we’re making plans, and we’re updating them, then we’re updating them again. Then we’re throwing them in the trash and starting over.

We’ll update this page whenever we get new data or information, whether from the hotel, the state, or the federal government.

As it stands right now, 360|iDev 2021 will be in person. We made this decision based on current forecasts from both the state and the federal government.

In-Person Event Policies

  • When on the conference floor, masks will be required.
    • This will be enforced, and violators will be given a chance to make corrections, but repeated offenses will result in being asked to leave the conference.
  • We’ll be streamlining the check-in process to minimize person to person contact
  • We already don’t do buffet lunch (You’re welcome) but we’ll be working with vendors to make sure meals and receptions are handled properly
  • In addition to any rules we set out, we’ll expect attendees, speakers, and sponsors to follow all hotel and state guidelines.
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