Last Update: 8/16/21


  • Plan to wear a mask. The hotel is requesting masks when moving about the venue.
  • Plan to be socially distanced. Seating will allow for your comfort level of social distancing.
  • Please be vaccinated. We’re not making it a requirement (It’s not our building), but really hope everyone will be vaccinated or wear a mask if not.

We’ll be using our colored lanyards (previously photography preferences) to indicate comfort level with distancing. (This is barring any further mandate/requirements, by end of the month, we might all be red.)

Green = We can hug

Yellow = Let’s stick to fist/elbow bumps

Red = Let’s stick to 6′ and a wave

We’ll update this page whenever we get new data or information, whether from the hotel, the state, or the federal government.

What a difference a few months makes. We went from unsure about this summer to high vaccination rates (in Denver). We hosted the MLB All-Star game for crying out loud, at full capacity. Red Rocks is doing shows at full capacity, etc. Now with the Delta variant surging all over the place, mask mandates are beginning to appear again, etc. we’re back to our early 2021 levels of uncertainty.

We get it. Not everyone is or will be comfortable with an in-person event this year. You can still buy either ticket and up or downgrade as needed.

Right now, CO has not re-implemented a mask mandate or social distancing requirements. Your own personal preference will be respected. Not everyone is ready to not wear a mask in public and that is 100% OK and supported.

Currently, the CDC recommends that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors.

In-Person Event Policies

  • We will follow all current CDC and State policies.
    • This will almost certainly be masks required indoors.
    • This will be enforced, and violators will be given a chance to make corrections, but repeated offenses will result in being asked to leave the conference.
  • We already don’t do buffet lunch (You’re welcome) but we’ll be working with vendors to make sure meals and receptions are handled properly
  • In addition to any rules we set out, we’ll expect attendees, speakers, and sponsors to follow all hotel and state guidelines.