Last Update: 8/15/22

360|Conferences (That’s us, John & Nicole) is committed to following all federal and state guidelines regarding the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. We’ll ensure our venue partners do as well.

Our biggest ask is that you test before traveling. By the time you’re in Denver with us, if you test positive, you already had it and brought it with you. Test before you travel and adjust your plans as needed.

We encourage all attendees to wear masks while indoors. We’ll have disposable masks available at the registration desk, as well as hand sanitizing stations throughout the space. 

To avoid diseases spread by physical contact, we recommend that attendees do their best to avoid physical contact with people not well known to them and to continue practicing social distancing and hand washing

Both breakout rooms will have plenty of space to support social distancing. Our STUMP venue has large garage doors and a patio.

Your (and our) safety is paramount and we want you to know we take it seriously.