A collection of links to blog posts and quotes about 360|iDev.

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“Thank you John and Nicole, for offering me a scholarship to attend 360iDev in 2016. At that time, I had been an iOS developer using Titanium, a cross platform mobile technology, for several years, and transitioning to native iOS development for better career opportunities. My job search was difficult, as it was hard to convince employers that my skills in Titanium were transferable to the native iOS frameworks. The networking opportunities and skills I gained from attending 360iDev helped me out tremendously during that difficult time. Now, a year later, I’ve attended 360iDev again in 2017. This time, my 360iDev ticket was paid for by my current employer, Minitex, where I work remotely from Denver as a native iOS Developer for SimplyE, an e-book reader app for the New York Public Library. Thanks so much again for helping me! That scholarship made a difference.”

Vui Nguyen – Attendee