The Call For Papers has closed. Please join us in Denver this August!

The 360|iDev 2022 Call For Papers will close May 25th, 2022! Mark your calendars, ask Siri to remind you! Come May 25th, we close this down, don’t miss it!

You can see the talks from last year to get some inspiration as well.

Please submit as many proposals as you like, keep in mind, we might tap you to do more than one session.

The COVID elephant in the room.

We understand that not everyone is or will be later, comfortable with traveling in August. Being selected as a speaker is not something we want to cause anxiety. We’re able to support remote speakers. The CFP Doesn’t have a field for it, so please, PLEASE, put that you’ll be remote in the organizer notes.

Talk Length Options:

  • 40 minute – Our standard length session.
  • 20 minute* – More lightning style. Share something that doesn’t require a full 40-minute talk. Not eligible for travel support.
  • Half-Day Training – 4 hours, hands-on session on Sunday (We cover one extra hotel night for these)
  • Full-Day Training – 8 hours, hands-on session on Sunday (We cover one extra hotel night for these)

The Community Review Panel will use the following selection criteria when voting on submissions:

  • Technical – Does the content have technical substance?
  • Relevant – Would the topic be interesting to a group of iOS/Mac developers?
  • Community Improvement – Would the talk help us be better developers? Better humans? There’s more to being a developer than code.

For intermediate and advanced level talks, they will also look into:

  • Fresh – Is the information covered new or a new approach to a common problem?
  • Immersive – Does the proposal cover many aspects of the topic in-depth?

Remember, Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be an expert to teach. Not only is teaching a great way to learn but often, we know more than we give ourselves credit for.

We cover 3 nights of lodging for each speaker, the conference pass, and flights up to $500 for domestic and $1500 for international. We do this because we want everyone to be able to come and speak, regardless of their financial situation. However our budget is not limitless, and it would help us tremendously if you or your company can cover your travel costs. Please let us know in your submission if you or your company can cover your travel cost.

Note: If your talk has more than one speaker only one will be covered, or we can split the coverage.

*We cannot offer travel assistance for 20 minute talks

*We cannot offer travel assistance for remote talks (Obviously)