Child Care

Child care has been at the top of the list of things we’ve wanted to add to 360|iDev. We’ve had a mother’s room for a few years and that’s been awesome and welcome. But child care, that’s been on the list, at the top.

It still is. Coming out of 2019, we had hoped to be able to find partners to help with the cost (because it’d be free or at least highly subsidized), and of course, COVID had other ideas on executing that.

Coming into this year, we barely scraped over the finish line of 2020, so it’s not in the budget for 2021 without help. Ideally we’ll secure a sponsor that wants to help us offer this. We’re working on it.

We know “working on it” isn’t the same as “offering it”, but we hope everyone will bear with us, and if you know a company that might want to partner, you’ll let us know.