Are you a part of your local cocoaheads group?

Do you want your group to have two free passes to 360|iDev to raffle off?

Then you’re on the right page. As part of our efforts to support the cocoa community, we offer each cocoaheads group that requests it, two passes to 360|iDev each year. We don’t care how they’re distributed to members, whether raffle or award for something, etc. Every year any active cocoaheads group that asks, can have 2 passes. We also offer a general discount to groups to share with their members to save 15% off the ticket price for 360|iDev.

We think it’s important to support the community. We think it’s easy to say you’re about the community and to give away a token pass here and there, but much harder to really offer something of value back to the community that supports you.

How do you get these passes? Just fill out this contact form. The deadline for asking is June 1. The deadline for awarding your passes, is your July meeting.

If you’d like a blurb or any images to use during your meeting to help promote 360|iDev, by all means, see below 🙂

Blurb: 360|iDev is the leading indie iOS developer conference in the world, started in 2009 it brings in attendees and experts from around the globe. Held in Denver Colorado it’s a ‘not terrible’ flight from anywhere in the country, and is an international hub for many flights. 360|iDev typically has upwards of 40 sessions over the corse of three days, and includes a fourth pre conference day of hands on labs, free for attendees.

For the images, each one links to it’s larger version.

360|iDev 2015 sticker