Community is important

There’s “being about the community” and there’s actually supporting it. We choose to do the latter whenever and where ever we can.


WWDC provides a lot of opportunities to support and help grow the iOS/Mac Community. This year we’re really happy to be supporting two great efforts that you should check out.

For the second year in a row we’re supporting #AltWWDC. The folks behind Appsterdam are some of our best friends. The things they’re doing there, are the single biggest reason moving overseas appeals to me. I dunno if I’ll ever get a chance to, but I want to and it’s 100% because of the hard work of the Appsterdam crew. On top of the awesome line up of speakers,┬áit’s a great place to just be. Get out of the starbucks by Moscone and just hang out and be around the community. I’ll be there working most days during WWDC, as AltWWDC is my remote office for 360|iDev that week. I love having a place surrounded by friends where I can get work done during the day. If you weren’t planning on stopping in, you should. The free tickets are ‘sold out’ so now it’s first come first served, but stop in when you can and check it out. The talks are TOP NOTCH!


The other awesome thing we’re involved in this year is WWDC Girls. Women in technology or for that matter diversity in technology is a big deal. At every 360|iDev we encourage women to submit, every year we fail to meet the goals we set for ourselves. We keep trying because it’s a challenge that needs to be met. In addition to helping encourage women to submit topics to 360|iDev we try to support things outside the conference that help raise women in technology up. WWDC girls this year is hosting a happy hour to benefit App Camp for Girls. We’re happy to be a part of it and glad that they were able to make room to let us sponsor.


There’s a lot of community focused things happening the week of WWDC. The week is about so much more than sitting in Moscone. Night of Meat, the other three Nights of Meat that exist when the first fills up, Alt WWDC and things like it, and so much more.


360|iDev is one week a year, we try to make sure that event enables us to help the community all year long. Hope you’ll be able to make it in September!