Diversity Scholarship Program

Over the years we’ve been trying to increase the diversity and inclusivity of 360|iDev. It’s not an easy thing, but it’s so, so worth it. Each year we make tweaks to the conference itself, or how we do things in the back end, etc. Each year (I hope) we get a little better. While I’d love to leap this building in a single bound, it’s baby steps all the way.

In the past we’ve had tickets you could buy that were for others, sometimes they’ve been a fixed amount, other times they’ve been pay what you want. In the past it’s been tough, because Tito counted those as tickets toward the max attendance of 360|iDev so it was a juggling lesson to keep the even from prematurely selling out with not actual tickets. Tito has fixed that! Yay Tito! Now we can make these supporting tickets something separate that doesn’t impact total attendance! (Ok I know you don’t care about what makes event folks excited!)

So for 2016 we’re implementing the Diversity Scholarship program.

Yup… a Program, official right?!

The gist is that now, anyone starting now, can buy any of three types of program support levels. Buy as many as you like, buy with a ticket for you, or just buy to support increased diversity and inclusivity at 360|iDev. These purchases go into a pool, that will be used to support as many people as possible attend 360|iDev.


My hope is that this year we get enough of a pool to offer true scholarships or more than just a free ticket, but either airfare help and/or hotel room help.


We hope you’ll be able to help us, help our awesome community.