Downtown Denver

For years now we’ve been hosting 360|iDev just south of Denver in Lonetree. The marriott there is really awesome, except it’s 40 minutes from downtown via light rail, and about that far or more by car from the airport. We slogged through this less than ideal location, because the hotel was so awesome, great food, better than most internet, staff that bent over backwards to make us and more importantly our attendees feel at home.

But it was FAR from downtown. Worse there wasn’t much else near it. Parties were stuck being in 1 sports bar nearby that wasn’t big enough. For the good points, there were many many bad points.

So… we’re working on being back in downtown Denver for 360|iDev 2014. You probably noticed that we haven’t announced the dates or location yet, nor have we opened the Call For Papers.

That’s because we’re having to start the “finding a home” process from scratch. It takes time. We had hoped to have it locked in fast, but that fell through.

We didn’t want you wondering what was going on, with nothing but silence on our end, so here we are. Stay tuned, we’re aiming to have the final details locked in this month and open the CFP ¬†as well.


See you in Downtown Denver!