In years past at 360|iDev we’ve had a few Pebble watch talks, that’s about it in the wearable space. Maybe this year that changes?

We added a new track to the CFP form, “externalities” (Hat tip to Kendall Gelner for the name).

The idea being, that while the Pebble and other “smart” watches have been around and been awesome, with the release of WatchKit, HomeKit, HealthKit and CarPlay, our iOS Devices can now (or soon) talk to all sorts of other things.

Not just pass notifications around, but actually interoperate and do amazing things.

The CFP closes the end of April, barring things changing AppleWatches ship in April. CarPlay in it’s most early form is out in the world.

If you are, will be or want to be building awesome things for our iOS devices to talk to, submit your talk under that track banner! Of all the “year of the wearables” this might actually be the one they take off in.