Help Close Caption/Subtitle 360|iDev session recordings

So I was talking to Mike Lee about his recording (which we hope to release soon), and he suggested adding closed caption/subtitles to the recordings. Honestly it wasn’t something I had really thought about, but love the idea of.

I knew Youtube had some type of automatic thing, but wasn’t sure if Vimeo did.

So I looked, and there’s a few options.

Option 1 is about $60 a video. You can pay anywhere from $1.70 to like $3 for captioning. I’ve tried this on Matthew Morey’s WatchKit talk, Take a look/listen see what you think. I did the basic option, at $55. It’s not perfect, but close. Using the cheapest option that about $1700 for the 30+ session recordings we’ve got. At the top end it’d be closer to $4500

Option 2 is you. There’s an option in Vimeo to manually enter captions/subtitles. There’s a built in editor allowing you to scrub through and watch a video and type in the caption. As with anything we don’t ask for things for free from the community. So if you’re interested in spending the time to caption the session recordings, we’ll give you a ticket to 360|iDev 2016.

The upside of having members of the community help with the captioning is you’ll understand the terms better than whatever process is employed by the basic level system Vimeo offers. If we’re going to offer subtitles they might as well be as useful as possible.

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll get things figured out.

Hoping to make closed captions/subtitles an ongoing part of 360|iDev recordings.