Lunch, Lunch, Lunch

Hard Rock!!!

Kidding, they kind of blew it last year!

We’re working on something I think everyone will enjoy.

First of all Tuesday. Tuesday and Thursday during summer Denver has something called Civic center eats. It’s a massive and rotating collection of some of the best food trucks in Denver, that’s on the menu for Tuesday.

Each day we’ll be providing lunch tickets to various places; Civic Center eats on Tuesday, local sandwich shops, etc. and each day you’ll grab the ticket you want. Get a group, and go.

We want to make exploring Denver a bit easier, and we want to share what Denver has to offer. We learned last year that one restaurant, no matter how forewarned, can’t handle all of us. This way if you’re feeling subs, go have a sub. If you’re feeling food trucks (On Tuesday) go try it out. Maybe you’ll want Pizza, go do that. etc.

We’re still working out the details, but the plan will be 3-4 choices a day, everyone can pick what they like, group and enjoy lunch around Denver. Best part, no overloaded single restaurant!! 🙂

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  1. typo: can’t -> “one restaurant, no matter how forewarned, *can’t* handle all of us.”

    1. Good catch!

  2. I love this idea!! Hopefully you’ll think of a few ways to help someone who’s looking to join a group or for a group/individual to show that they want to be joined.

    1. Oh good idea!! I’ll have to think on it, see what I can figure out! I like that though! Very much in the spirit of what we’re going for!

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