One of the best parts of 360iDev min

IMG_7234You can get technical content most anywhere; the internet, books, podcasts, tutorials, etc. (though we’re pretty damn proud of the technical content lined up for [360|iDev min]… Just sayin’)


But what you can’t get online are experiences like this:

Sitting down to lunch over a burger, talking to the developer of several hugely successful sports apps.

chatting with the developer of several massively successful iOS games over snacks and beer after a day of mind blowing sessions.

Sitting next to the QA guy that broke the news that Simple and many other banking apps are crazy insecure while you watch one of the guys above present.

Trading design ideas with the gal that had one of the highest rated talks at 360|iDev 2012.

Laughing over breakfast with the guy who’s company gives indie developers the insight they need into how their apps are doing in the app store.

Trading horror stories with the guy who will be reviewing your next blockbuster game for TUAW over lunch at one of dozens of restaurants around the conference.

And more, many many more. Every speaker and attendee is an awesome unique experience waiting to happen while you attend [360|iDev min], and of course, then there’s the 12 sessions of actually great technical content.


There’s a few spots left! See you there!