Selling Out

Are you reading this, still debating buying your ticket? By the time you get to the end of this post we could be sold out.

There’s 5 tickets left right now. Maybe go get one?

What does 360|iDev selling out mean?

Well it means there’s no doubt that attendees will be surrounded by over 350 other iOS devs. Sure there’s some design types 🙂 some business types, indie and such, but we’re a developer conference.

It means at each reception and the Night Of Meat (still room) you’ll be surrounded by other folks on the cutting edge of iOS development.

Maybe you should grab a ticket before it’s too late.

What else does 360|iDev selling out mean?

Well seeing as we’ve sold out a month before the conference, it means I’ve got a month to work on nothing but the programming. It’s gonna be awesome. Selling out a month before, vs. the week before changes how i spend this month.

Selling out a month before ensures I can focus on things that often have to take a side seat to making sure tickets are selling. Things like trying to make a women in tech lounge a reality. Like making sure our lunches (spoiler, not hotel food) are awesome. Making sure the venue is as cool as I can make it. It means things like the Game Jam and game night are gonna be more awesome (blog coming soon on that).

It means I can put effort into new and different places than just “making sure tickets are selling”


I gotta say, I haven’t been this excited for 360|iDev in a long time. Downtown Denver, Sold out a month in advance, really awesome keynote… oops more on that soon 🙂


Better hurry, get your ticket to the best and biggest indie iOS event in the world.