App Review Horror Stories (and How to Overcome Them)

It’s time to gather around the campfire and listen to some App Review Horror Stories! It’s no secret that the App Store guidelines are strict and, at best, uneven. If you’ve ever distributed apps within the App Store or Mac App Store you’ve probably had to deal with a rejection from Apple sooner or later. Most rejections are innocent or justified — but what happens when it’s something frustrating? In this session, the speaker will tell you all about several rejections from over 10 years’ worth of personal App Review experiences in very different app categories. He will also highlight lessons learned and provide tips based from those personal experiences and how he overturned all rejections but one: the first rejection he ever received. Even if you’re no stranger to this world of App Review, you may walk away from this talk with a tip or two on how to properly talk things out with Apple for the better.

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