Beyond Code: Skills For Impactful Development That Makes a Difference

You’re a programmer. Some of us identify with that statement more than others. Some of us got into this because we liked tinkering with computers and phones. For some, it was a strategic career move. I don’t know why you’re a developer. I do know that you care about the work you do, or else you wouldn’t be at this conference.

Maybe your goal is to become a tech leader in your community, build an impactful career, or simply never to stop learning. You want to write code that changes everything.

But how do we attain the skills to go beyond code? What practices, mindsets, and perspectives can help us drastically scale the impact of our development?

I’d be honoured to share my defining lessons learnt in engineering, entrepreneurship, and empathy since I wrote my first line of Objective-C in 2009.

Not Code General Session