Beyond Senior, advancing in technical leadership of software.

Eventually, in the world of software and tech, engineers will earn the title of senior. This is a distinction given to us when we have dialed in our skills, cut our teeth, and proven our technical prowess. The question then becomes what’s next? The easy answer is the eventual departure from code and movement into management, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In this talk we will look at a different track, one that takes developers into technical leadership. The Staff+ career track is becoming a more common option at both established companies and startups. In this presentation you will learn how to approach this new path and how to start to think about your skills development beyond the keyboard. We will discuss ideas about how to expand your sphere of influence, and how to start to take on technical leadership as a tool set to grow your career in the Staff+ arena. The lessons and ideas for this talk will originate with the discussion provided in Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track by Will Larson.

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