Combine-ing MongoDB Realm with SwiftUI

MongoDB Realm is a whole new animal built upon the power of MongoDB and the Atlas portal. This new generation of Realm takes a huge leap forward replacing Realm Cloud. Synced Realms are cool, but if you’re only using Realm for local data in your app, there’s plenty of new stuff for you too in this talk!

We’ll take a look at the new v10 RealmSwift SDK and the changes to connecting, partitioning, and interacting with realms using the new APIs. Gone are the days of deciding which community Rx extension library to pair with Realm as Combine support is built right in! I will make sure to call out a few dragons and how to avoid them with some of the limitations in SwiftUI.

Included is a demo of the classic Realm “Hello World” app: the Task Tracker tutorial, but this one has a SwiftUI interface, some Combine and new Swift property wrappers from the Realm SDK. We’ll see how user data is partitioned into personal realms and watch live updates across devices. ✨ The demo app is open source so you can follow along and reference it later as you build your own apps.