Combining SwitfUI with Combine.

For the third year in a row we present a SwiftUI/Combine workshop.
The first year was mostly curiosity, the second year were early adopters and this year is for everyone.

In this day-long session, we will start with a review of what is declarative programming by building with SwiftUI. We will review all the basic SwiftUI components needed for a modern iOS app. Once we have a solid understanding of SwiftUI we will review reactive programming with the Combine framework. Understanding these will allow us to combine SwiftUI with the Combine framework to make a fully declarative/reactive MVVM application.

The goal is not to make the attendee an expert in one session but build a solid foundation of knowledge and instill the confidence to keep learning.
This session will be evenly split between lecture & coding.

If time permits we will touch on Jetpack Compose / Kotlin Flow which is the Android equivalent to SwiftUI/ Combine framework!

~~~~ NOTE
All the material will be updated to the latest announcements from WWDC 2021.

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