Feeling Fast: Approaches to Improving Actual and Perceived App Performance

To deliver a snappy app experience, both actual performance and perceived performance are critical. In this talk I will explore ways that both types of performance can be improved. I’ll first dive into Compass’ work in speeding up the slower processes in our app that are critical to a good user experience. These efforts include decreasing app launch times, improving the rendering of markers on Google maps for a smoother map search, and our approach to efficiently uploading videos. Next, I’ll go over how a design choice helps to unblock users while waiting for video uploads and backend transcoding to complete. Finally, I’ll go over some of the approaches Compass and other popular apps use to keep users engaged and informed while waiting. These approaches involve the use of stencils for loading content, informing users when complex views like a map are loading, and displaying the precise progress of operations. The audience will come away from this talk with practical advice on how to keep users actively engaged and productive in their own apps.