Identifying and Fixing iOS Accessibility Issues

In this workshop you’ll learn how to discover common accessibility failures in iOS apps using tools built in to iOS and Xcode. We’ll then use these tools to find accessibility failures in a sample app. Once we’ve identified some issues we’ll get hands on with the code and fix them.
You’ll learn:

  • How to use iOS assistive technologies including VoiceOver, Switch Control, Voice Control, Dynamic Type, Accessibility Shortcut, and more.
  • An understanding of different classes of disability, and the considerations which may help people with that disability.
  • How to identify accessibility issues using assistive technologies, as well as Accessibility Inspector and other tools built in to Xcode.
  • How to build an app that has a great experience for all users from the start, and why this is better than trying to fix issues later.
  • A practical understanding of iOS Accessibility APIs

You’ll get to keep the sample project we work on and a document detailing each of the 50+ accessibility failures, why each might affect your users, and how to fix them.

An iOS device that you can build to from Xcode is highly recommended for this workshop.

Hands On Lab