Intermediate Git Workshop

Do you want to really get Git? I’ll teach you the the correct Mental Model necessary to really understand Git. That will help you understand the documentation better, and enable you to distinguish between the correct answers and the most highly up-voted answers on Stack Overflow.

You’ll start off with the basics: setting up Git and creating and using a repository, all the while learning how Git represents your repos ‘under the hood’. This insight will help when you’ll learn about advanced branching and merging, the dreaded ‘detached HEAD’ and the subtle differences between a reset and a checkout. You’ll finish this workshop learning how to solve common, yet complicated issues.

Technologies change over time, as do languages, libraries, and operating systems. Investing in the mastery of your source control systems will help you regardless of the kind of development you do now, or five years from now. So bring your laptop and your favorite text editor, and prepare to get your hands dirty.

High Level Outline of the Workshop

  • Getting Started
  • Repositories
  • Branches
  • GitHub and Remote Branches
  • Git Tools
  • Common Tasks
  • Git Flow
  • The Shell
  • More GitHub
Hands On Lab