Mind-numbing vs Mind-blowing: Energize Your Next Technical Presentation

Presentations, both virtual and face-to-face, are enjoyable and effective when the speaker is sharing their passion and energy with the audience. Whether you are staring at your computer screen doing a Zoom presentation or you are actually lucky enough to be standing in front of a live audience with a projector and some slides, how exactly is that accomplished? Speakers have power! In this workshop you will discover the characteristics of a great presentation – a strong opening, positive body language, proper usage of slides and charts, good time management, handling questions and many more. The focus of this workshop is on the basics of designing, developing and delivering all types of presentations and public speaking opportunities, both virtually or face-to-face.


  • Capture the audience’s attention and keep it, whether presenting in-person or virtually
  • Present yourself with energy though voice, movement and proper use of tech and visual aids
  • Create a powerful presentation opening
  • Manage content development and presentation length
  • Handle spontaneous speaking and Q&A with confidence
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