Software and Climate: build a better world

We all know stuff about Climate Change. That it’s impacting the acidity of our oceans, or that it’s causing more natural disasters, severe weather, and fires, or maybe just that it’d help if we all ate less meat. However, one rarely-talked-about thing is that software pervades almost every type of climate change solution: our electric grid must become smarter (e.g. software-defined) to handle all the rooftop solar we are building, our cars will all need apps to let us schedule when they charge, our high-efficiency smart windows should easily connect together into skyscraper wide mesh networks, and our satellites need machine learning models to detect methane and other greenhouse gases as they are emitted. But the secret is that all of these things also unlock a future that is better than today—less pollution, zippy electric cars, and comfortable buildings—even when you don’t throw a climate that continues to be livable into the bargain.

16 years ago, I was a Mac developer with a dream to build cooking software. Today I coach climate tech startups and build software in energy and climate. Come find out what you could build and how to get into the world of climate as a software dev.

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