Tips and Tricks for Independent Contracting

With companies demanding a return to the office, some folks are considering independent remote contracting. But this has become more complicated. While there is more demand for software development, getting in front of new clients is tricky during a pandemic. How do we cope?

Now more than ever, it’s critical to make sure anyone who works with you wants to work with you again.

In this talk, we’ll discuss:

  • The value of being a good teammate.
    • Meeting people more than half way
    • Being committed without getting yourself committed
    • Learning the value of compromise
    • Listening
    • Having strong opinions but an open mind
  • How to negotiate fair compensation, so you can weather downtimes.
  • How to keep your eyes open, without over committing.
  • How to weigh one opportunity over another, so you don’t find yourself under employed.
  • How to be on the short list for folks who are often looking for extra hands.
  • When to consider joining a team more formally as they grow and begin hiring internally.

While markets are slowly starting to get back to normal, the pandemic is far from over and the side effects will be long lasting. Learning how to adapt to these changes is critical.

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