When You Can’t Go All In On SwiftUI, Build a Hybrid UI App Instead!

There will be times when building an app entirely in SwiftUI is not an option. Maybe your company has a large UIKit app that you can’t afford to migrate to SwiftUI overnight. Or you start building a new SwiftUI app, and run into technical limitations (due to SwiftUI’s relative “newness”) or a tight deadline, and wish you could pull in an existing, custom-built UIKit component to solve the problem. One solution is to start wherever you’re at, a UIKit or SwiftUI app, and swap in a component from the other framework as needed. I will demonstrate how to do both, starting with a single screen app in SwiftUI, and also in a similar UIKit app. With a hybrid UI app, you get the benefits of working with a modern UI framework, SwiftUI, while minimizing your project risks!