Development for all the people

How accessible is your iOS app? Could you use your app if you were blind?

If you would have asked me that question a year ago, I would have been embarrassed. If you felt the same, don’t be – we can fix this.

We spend so much time on UX but often forget a huge demographic. Did you know that iOS is the leading platform for those who rely on these features? So why not spend a little extra time to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Let’s see how we can add accessibility support with little to no additional work, increase inclusion, and profit from this win-win situation.
We’ll also do a little experiment and look at real user data that’ll make accessibility accessible to all of us.

Not Code
Location: Mt. Sopris Date: August 28, 2018 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Florian Harr