Jill Scott

WillowTree Apps

Jill launched her development career in a sports bar. Emboldened by her hockey team’s win and a couple pints, she approached some nearby devs and asked for a job. To her surprise, they gave her a shot, and Jill’s passion for development became a career. She is now a senior software engineer at WillowTree Apps, where she champions clean architectural patterns and enjoys an adamant and animated style of advocacy for the needs of the team. Jill grew up in Indiana, where she earned her Bachelor’s degrees in English and French. Today, she lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her cats, Anubis and Hamilton, and her rabbit, M.C. Bunny McMoney aKa lil’ Beezy. She is an avid gamer and silly animal enthusiast.

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A Discourse in Humane Development

Colorado Ballroom B

Code is not a dialogue between the developer and the machine. It is a conversation between clients, teams, developers, users, and everyone in between....


Jill Scott