Joe Cieplinski

Independent Contractor

Joe is an independent designer and developer living in Boulder, Colorado. He designs apps and web sites for Bombing Brain Interactive, including Teleprompt+ and Setlists. He is a partner at Breakpoint Studio, a software design studio. He occasionally runs conferences and other meetups in the iOS and business communities.

I'm Speaking At

3:00 pm -
3:45 PM

Tips and Tricks for Independent Contracting

Colorado Ballroom A

With companies demanding a return to the office, some folks are considering independent remote contracting. But this has become more complicated. ...

Not Code

Joe Cieplinski

3:00 PM -
3:45 PM

Building Server Driven UI in iOS

Colorado Ballroom B

What if there is a way to update the user interface of your app instantly, without having to submit a new version?...


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