Aurelius Prochazka

Aurelius is a scientist, entrepreneur, programmer, author, and musician. While completing a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in computational fluid mechanics, Prochazka started several internet companies, laying the groundwork for bookmark sharing, social networks and micro- blogging as early as 1995.  The culmination of Prochazka’s pioneering work on web technology resulted in the book, RailsSpace, a Ruby On Rails Tutorial, a veritable thesis on web development. Aurelius then became Principal Scientist at Cool Earth Solar, where he turned his attention to building networks of sensors that supervised and controlled an innovative solar power plant controlled by an iOS app. Throughout these explorations, Prochazka developed a suite of mobile cognitive training applications for musicians entitled Guitar Games. Technical and creative interests coincide in his most ambitious endeavor to date, AudioKit, where a novel software platform engenders creative work and changes the way audio is done.

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