Siamak Ashrafi Siamak Ashrafi

Ash – CTO @ ZoeWave building physiologically intelligent clothing called ZoeWear. Combining biotech, mobile and fashion to build clothing that keeps people healthy while looking great*. Zoe(“life”)Wear “wearable for life” is built on his experience in all three fields: BioTech – A researcher @ RxDigita / TDI working on medical biomarkers. Mobile – A developer @ YLabz building both native iOS & Android apps. Fashion – Designed a 15-week wearable course “Technology is the new Black” researching Techo Fashion for AAU. Speaking:



Should have been killed ☠️by all three phases of water 🌊. Solid: Boarding blizzard snow 🏂, Liquid: Surfing storm waves 🏄‍ and Vapor: Sailing hurricane winds ⛵️ … Lucky & Glad to be alive!

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