Steven Lipton

Steve Lipton has been a developer for over thirty years, writing his first published application in 1986. He is the mind behind the website teaching advanced beginner and intermediate iOS development in Swift. He is also the author of several books including *Practical Auto Layout* and *Swift Swift View Controllers*, and is a LinkedInLearning/ author on iOS topics including watchOS development,, delegates and data sources, local notifications, and push notifications. He has been a teacher for over twenty years with a Masters in Education from Loyola University Chicago in Adult and Corporate Instructional Management(1996), and a presenter for many diverse topics at educational conferences for the Illinois Society For Microbiology, The National Environmental Heath Association, and the Illinois Environmental Heath Association. In any venue on every topic, he’s been a highly rated speaker. He also hosts his own podcast, the Slice of AppPie. He’s also very pizza obsessed.

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