Thank you Patrons

As we work on 2018, we wanted to take a minute to thank our Patrons. We put the conference on Patreon at the end of 360|iDev 2017. Conferences are narrow margin businesses and realized we needed support from the community, at least to weather the ups and downs. 2017 has been an interesting learning experience for us as owners of the company and supporters of community.

We’re working on rewards for all levels, (right now our top level gets access to session recordings at the same time attendees from 2017 do).


In the meantime, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the following people:

Brock Boland
Jean MacDonald
Nathan Ansel
Rob Napier
Jeff Kelley
Jon Bauer
Jon Gotow
Josh Hudnall
Justin Miller
Michael Zornek
Aijaz Ansari
Chris Jones
Jake Schwartz
Kendall Helmstetter Gelner
Melissa Nierle
Scott McAlister

If you’d like to support 360|iDev on Patreon, we’ve got some cool stuff in the works for our patrons.


THank you and stay tuned for more on 360|iDev 2018!