The Plan For 2021 (Part 2)

The Obstacle Is the Way

I thought about updating the original post, but then figured I’d highlight just how up in the air things are with a new post, hopefully, the last with this title, mostly turning that one on its ear. To say planning for 2021 is easy or in any way clear would be … well a damned lie.

As I mentioned, the Hyatt has less flexibility in a blanket cancellation, which I understand and respect. They’re a business, same as me. Particularly given that CO is currently (3/30) sitting at a plateau in our decreasing numbers. We’ll see if the plateau leads to further declines or a spike. Vaccinations will be available to the general public starting April 2; two weeks earlier than planned, which was about a month earlier than originally planned. They’re not feeling particularly keen on cancelling Q3/4 events. Awesome we’re doing so well, less awesome in that it makes some of us think things are “Normal” again.

2021 will not be normal.

That’s Colorado. Several other states have moved to general public vaccinations, while others haven’t, and while nations elsewhere are still struggling to get any vaccine doses, and going back into lockdowns. International travel is almost certainly not on the books for 2021. Businesses are still in travel lockdowns for employees, etc.

Hope as we might, normal just isn’t in the cards. 360|iDev 2021 will be nothing like it was up to 2019, and nothing like it was in 2020, and probably nothing like it will be in 2022.

The only thing we can do is roll with it, adapt, survive. This is what we plan to do because, well we have to, and because we love the iOS/Mac developer community. We’ve been here through ups and downs, gold rushes, crappy economies, and now pandemics.

So what’s the plan?

We’ve mentioned the likelihood of 360|iDev 2021 being hybrid and well, it very much will be. We’ve updated all of our ticket offerings and prices to reflect today’s reality. Don’t worry, if you bought in before this we’ll get you taken care of. 360|iDev 2021 will be smaller in-person, to ensure social distancing is enforced. Likely more of a CO, maybe US-only event as opposed to our normal very international attendance. A bummer as I love seeing our international friends!

You can make 360|iDev 2021 an online experience like last year (but better, because we learned a TON in 2020!).


You can join us in Denver for a smaller more intimate version of our awesome in-person experience.

The name of the game: Flexibility

We hope you’ll support the conference with whichever ticket you feel comfortable buying. Know that up until the Friday before the conference you can up or downgrade your ticket should things change because if there’s one thing we can put money on in 2021, things will change.

Not everyone’s company will allow travel this year. Some folks won’t be comfortable getting on a plane. The online experience will be fun and you won’t miss a thing from speakers.

Some folks, especially locals may want to get out into the world. The hotel’s deep cleaning protocols are on point and with masks, social distancing, and vaccinations, we’ll be able to see each other again. The in-person experience is gonna be fun! Even if we’re limited to air high fives, and elbow bumps.

And in either case, should things change, you can change or cancel your ticket with an email.

Our Ask

Whichever option you feel most comfortable with, do it sooner rather than later. It’s been a rough first half of 2021, we’ve utilized every available resource to help hard-hit businesses like ours. Those resources only go so far.

We’re here to serve you, our community. However, it’s ultimately up to you to let us know you want to be a part of it. Tickets and sponsorships are how. If you can buy your ticket now, please do. If your company might be interested in sponsoring, please reach out.