The plan for 2021

As much as anyone can plan for anything with COVID-19 still ravaging our world, that is.


360|iDev 2021, will be in person and probably hybrid for those not wanting to travel. We understand that travel (even without the pandemic) is a luxury.

Obviously, this will be a fluid thing for a bit, our Governor is aiming for us to be at green on the dial by early summer. Of course, that’s CO and who knows what the rest of the country and world will be like, and realistically who knows if that will be the case at all. We’re hopeful.

Thankfully the Grand Hyatt is by far one of the better hotels to have a relationship with. While they are rightfully a bit hesitant to outright cancel events this early in the year, they’re planning to be as flexible as they possibly can be to make events succeed the latter part of the year. Of course if things go sideways, we’ll roll with the punches. We’ll be working together as August approaches to see what things look like and plan accordingly.

The plan right now is to hold 360|iDev in-person. Our hope is to also offer an online-only ticket. That largely will depend on the hotel’s internet and pricing. Recognizing that travel is a luxury now more than ever, our goal is to figure out how to offer at least a partially online experience.

We’ll work out spacing and other onsite things as we go to make sure it’s the safest possible experience.

We’ve created a page where you can see our COVID-19 policy. It’ll be updated as that policy changes/evolves.