We’re Stronger Together

As usual I spent the week of WWDC helping run AltConf. I think it’s super important we have a free, community focused event that week, and have loved being a part of it. Apple’s support of the community has really been amazing of late!

This year we held a screening of “App: The Human Story” to benefit App Camp 4 Girls. Ticket sales for the screening raised just over $7,000 and AltConf chipped in $3,000 to round up the donation to AppCamp to an even $10,000!

Sitting in the auditorium, watching this amazing film, a great many things struck me; first and foremost, that as a community (of Indies, and non Indies) we’re stronger together. No one has our backs, but us.

You can pre-order the documentary here, and I highly suggest you do. It’s great seeing so many members of our community sharing their stories.

It’s important to support things like AltConf (Hero tickets help keep the event running), 360|iDev (Yup, bit of a sales pitch!), Release Notes, Try Swift!, to name only a few! Because as much as we all love watching conference videos; conference videos can’t exist without a conference. I really do think our community is made stronger with these events bringing us together.