What to Expect at 360|iDev 2014

360|iDev 2014 is almost here, and it’s the biggest one to date! What should attendees expect? Being back in Downtown Denver, has opened a lot of doors that will make 360|iDev a much more awesome experience for everyone.

  • Night Of Meat (Register and pay here) Sunday night. No more carpooling, 30 minute drives etc. From the hotel you can take the 16th St. Mall Shuttle almost the entire way. After you get off the shuttle it’s about a 3 block walk.
  • All of our receptions, usually stuck in a hotel foyer area, are offsite. Denver is an awesome city, and we want everyone to see as much as possible. Monday night we’ll be at the Mellow Mushroom for craft beer, pizza and good times. Tuesday our lunch host Hard Rock Cafe will give us the entire main floor, more craft beer, more conversation, more good food.
  • I mentioned lunch, this year, not a single lunch is inside the hotel. You’ll get a lunch ticket for each day at the Hard Rock Cafe. Of course you can eat anywhere you like downtown, but we’re covering the Hard Rock 🙂
  • I mention craft beer not as a “let’s get drunk” thing, but more because Denver is home to more breweries than most cities. If beer’s not your thing, that’s ok, there’s plenty of great things to see, do and eat in Denver. If beer is your thing.. you’ll be glad we’re downtown 🙂
  • The week of 360|iDev is Denver Restaurant Week, awesome deals on some of the cities best restaurants.
  • The Game Jam (now called the app jam) is back. Spend a night (12 hours) building something cool. Game, app, whatever. Enjoy a hard core hacking session with other attendees and speakers.
  • Making something in 12 hours, not your cup of tea? At the same time as the AppJam, is game night! Cards Against Humanity? Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, come ready to game!
  • Last year we had a great opening keynote from Brianna Wu, this year it’s… well you’ll see. I think you’ll enjoy it.
  • Of course that’s on top of 40+amazing sessions.

We’re really excited to see everyone!