What's the Faithful Ticket?

Since we’ve rolled out the faithful ticket along with our new look, I figured a little explanation might be in order.

Quite simply the faithful ticket is the cheapest ticket ever available for 360|iDev. It’s $300 off the full price. The reason we call it the ‘faithful’ ticket is easy, you’re buying it on faith that the conference will rock. There’s no line up yet. No schedule. No Sponsors. Nothing, not even a date usually.

However it’s not blind faith, when we announce the date, or the line up, or anything for that matter, if it’s not to your liking, you can get a full refund. Really this ticket is your way to tell us a few things; you love the conference and know we’ll do a good job creating an awesome line up, and you want the best deal possible for the best indie iOS conference around.


We have a simple refund policy, you can get a full refund up until 3 weeks before the conference. No questions asked. No matter what ticket you buy, how much you pay. Full refund up until 3 weeks out. After that, we don’t do refunds. We’ve committed on swag, food, etc and it just doesn’t work for us. Many events have a convoluted sliding scale of this % by this time, and another % in this window of time, etc. That’s just not worth the trouble.